GVPedia is a comprehensive resource providing public access to our Gun Study Database, the largest in existence, and to GVP University, a repository of white papers and fact sheets about gun violence.

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Welcome to GVPedia, a project created to provide ready access to academic research and high quality data on gun violence. GVPedia is currently comprised of two main features:

The Study Database

The Database is a compendium of more than 700 academic studies analyzing a wide range of gun violence subjects. This collection of research can be searched by topic, author, journal, and year of publication. Each study is accompanied by an abstract, and hundreds of studies have the full text available for you to read.

GVP University

GVP University is an ever growing collection of white papers and fact sheets that will eventually cover every major topic in gun violence. Each white paper succinctly summarizes critical information on a subject, and each fact sheet highlights 5 salient facts. Combined, each white paper and fact sheet duo provide a jumping-off point to then explore each topic in greater detail with our Study Database.

White Paper: Gun Laws and Suicide

While evidence demonstrating the causal relationship between gun ownership and suicide is incontrovertible, there is more ambiguity about the extent to which gun laws can attenuate this problem. Part of the challenge is that many gun laws do not affect firearms that are already in the household (gun buyback programs, mandatory locks, and domestic violence policies that remove firearms from abusers are several exceptions), and will therefore only have an effect on suicides in populations previously unexposed to firearms. Further, most firearm laws are passed with reducing homicide and/or crime in mind, not suicides.

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White Paper: Gun Ownership and Suicide

Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death for all ages in the United States. Among those who attempt suicide, an estimated 96% fail. However, among those who attempt suicide with a firearm, a mere 17.5% fail (a fatality rate of 82.5%). This is much more lethal than methods such as drug/poison ingestion or cutting which have case fatality rates of 1.5% and 1.2%, respectively. Despite being one of the least used methods to attempt suicide, firearms account for more than half of completed suicides.

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